Welcome to Grandma's Kitchen

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Welcome to Grandma's Shade's kitchen!  This blog is meant to serve as a collection of recipes, memories, and family stories for those of us who want to have access to Grandma's kitchen.  With only one set of handwritten recipes, a few old favorite cookbooks, and so many of us scattered around, it seemed like there had to be a way for everyone to be able to find the old family favorites from holidays, parties, barbecues, and just everyday meals we remember.

I'll be slowly working my way through the recipe boxes, keeping in mind that some of the written cards are pretty old and harder to read.  If there is anything people want to see sooner, please e-mail me at grandmashadeskitchen@gmail.com and I'll dig through and find it to be posted.  

I hope others are excited about this idea.  I'm excited to put it together.  Everything tasted better made by the hands that loved us, so if we can pass those memories along...it's a worthwhile project.


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